River City Challenge


Here’s one of those projects I’ve been working on recently.  The awesome folks of River City Challenge in Jacksonville called me again this year to help them out with their poster. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out and I’m hoping I might even get to see it in physical form this year! Fingers crossed I can make it to Jacksonville for the festivities in April, only time will tell. I was definitely happy to help these folks out with such a great event that supports the North Florida Land Trust. Our rivers, estuaries and mangrove forest are so vital to the health of our waters and coast here in Florida, it feels great to help support a non-profit that’s all about protecting them! It’s going to be a fun event whether your a competitive paddler or not.  There will be good music, art, knowledge and beer a flowing, so if your in the Jacksonville area be sure to check it out! You can visit thier web page for more details www.rivercitychallenge.org

Happy paddling to all you competitors out there 🙂

Time the Slipperiest Fish of All


FishIt feels like time has been accelerated to supersonic speeds and is in limited supply these days.  Man-o-Man has there been a lot going on and it seems like I’m still gaining momentum.  Some days I want to release the main sheet, throw the tiller and round up to a complete stop just to catch my breath! But no, I’m holding fast I’m going to need every bit of that momentum to get me off the dock this summer. Goals have been set, routes charted, and the winds of changes are picking up. Abacos is word for the summer and with just 16 weeks left for preparation, planning, and completing projects my to-do list seems never ending.  That’s some how frightening and exhilarating all in the same moment. All these things I’ve been seeking, all the dreams I’ve been dreaming, all culminating. Now all that’s left is the foot work and I know I can take care of that. So stayed tuned friends I’ll be sharing a lot of new things here, updates on boat projects, trip planning, various art work, photography and design pieces I’ve been working on, and even some writing I’ve started doing for another web site.  It’s all going to be a lot to keep up with but I’m determined to stick to my goals one of which is to share here more often!