The Miraculous Work of My Two Armed Crew


I now have a dodger!  That’s right while everyone was out enjoying the beach and a cold one this past holiday weekend my crew and I were working on this masterpiece!


Well maybe it’s not quite a masterpiece but I do think it fits the look of the boat and it’s certainly functional to say the least.  It’s a whole new almost indoor space and odd as it seems it actually makes the cockpit feel bigger, I was worried it‘d have the opposite effect.  I’m pretty stoked about this latest addition, can hardly wait to get the paint and windows on.


Huge thanks to all my brave friends who were willing to let me borrow their power tools and hats off to my hard-working crew, I couldn’t of done it with out her!  Speaking of, it’s about time I introduced her, meet Jamie, or Jam as she is often called do of her insatiable love of music.


Jamie and I have been working side by side the last 3 years.  Literally cubical neighbors, and we’re both pretty excited to be giving up the regular 9-5 workweek for a while.  I asked Jamie back in January if she’d be interested in spending a couple months cruising this summer; the idea and resulting plans quickly snowballed. Then just as excitement was starting to build into action this happened…

Broken Clavicle 11

Jam tried to ruin EVERYTHING!  Haaaa just kidding – but that broken collar-bone is no joke!  Back at the beginning of April the noodlie armed girl took a direct hit to the shoulder when she fell off her bike. Turning her temporarily into a one-armed wonder.  This defiantly threw a wrench in our plans.  Especially since we had literally just sat down and mapped out a week-by-week work calendar for the boat…. Ah well the best-laid plans right? For a moment I was worried all would be lost but it seems it has all worked it self-out because now here we are; Jam with two functioning arms and a sizable but reasonable list of boat work to squeeze into the next 3 weeks.  Plus I’ve got some extra helpful, capable, knowledgeable hands coming to town this weekend to help with preparations.  That’s right, hide the rum, lock up your dinghy and hit the deck cause all three of those salty sailing lasses will be blowing around town.  Ahhh yes, I’m defiantly jonesing for some of that Trece Amagias energy.  Need their help to get this perfect storm a-whirling, stirring up those winds of change, filling up my sails to carry me away.

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