What’s a Sea Hevey?

By Definition

Sea Hev•ey \ sē – hē – vē \ n 1: A Sailor endlessly inspired by the changing tides of creative possibility. 2: A Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, & Writer 3: A concentrated creative force effective in solving visual communication needs.

By Practice

I’m a light seeking, wind chasing, daydreaming, deep breathing, salty sailing, creative on a mission to share my vision with the world. For me, home is wherever my sailboat floats and my heart is always there.

This here is a port into my world, a place for me to share my passion for life, design, photography, art, sailing and flirting with dreams. It’s also a killer way to stay inspired and connected with like-minded talented individuals like you. So please, explore, discover and daydream a bit along the way.

Wishing You Fair Winds!

~ C