New Friends at FLA Fish

So I recently made a new friend who owns the website After he saw my site here he asked if I’d be interested in writing some wild life articles for FLA Fish, I said I would, and my first article is up. You can go check it out here:

The article is about the Lionfish invasion of the Caribbean, a subject I am now much more educated about. I have to say, the research I did for this really got my wheels turning, how can I help? The article is written and done with but my research hasn’t stopped. I’ve reached out to a couple organization that are complying information in an effort to gain more knowledge about how I may be able to support Lionfish research while I’m cruising in the Bahamas this summer. I’ve already herd back from REEF who has encouraged me to attend a free Lionfish Collecting and Handling Workshop they’re hosting in April 5th on Key Largo. Key Largo’s a bit of a trek for me so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make it but I certainly hope I can. I’m anxious to learn more about this this invasive fish, and to get some hands on experience catching and filet these bad boys. Here’s hopping that I’ll be seeing of these suckers on my dinner plate soon 🙂

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