Just Jump

JumpMyself and Jam – My soon to be introduced crew- taking a leap off the bow of a dive boat in PR last summer.

Ready or not the time is NOW and I know it. I can feel it; life is begging me to give up the excuses, to gather my strength and resources, and allow my hearts desires to carry me forward. There is no amount of preparation that can make me “ready” to quit a perfectly good job and sail off in my little home to unknown horizons. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to do it. I could spend years and countless dollars outfitting a boat to have every marine electronic and toy onboard, a fat saving in a bank somewhere, and still not be “ready.” That’s not to say I won’t be prepared, but how can any of us be “ready” to take a leap into unknown waters? If you ask me, there is no ready, there is only jump.

As the days tick down to my intended departure date, just about a month away, it becomes increasingly harder for me to quite that little naysayer inside my head.  It whispers a million what if’s in my ear, instigating worry and fear. That annoying little voice it’d keep me glued right here for the rest of my years, in my nice stable job, knowing exactly what to expect day in and day out.  That annoying little voice it doesn’t like change, to bad so sad, because I DO.

And though I can think of many things I’d still “like” to have on board before I go, none of them are essential. Sure I could wait another year hopeful to stash away enough money for all those goodies. Yes it’d be nice to have an engle refrigerator along with a wind gen to support it, but it’s not needed. Yes I would love, love, love! to upgrade my camera equipment and get my hands on an underwater housing, but I know I can make do with the gear I got.  A couple kites, and a small quiver of boards would be nothing short of amazing, but I’m pretty sure that while I may be over there wishing I had some fun toys of this nature, I’ll be sure to find fun regardless. And who knows maybe, just maybe, the stars will align and somewhere down the line those things may just find me…. fingers crossed.

At this point I have my needs covered and I’m not willing to wait on casting off any longer. So I say to that little naysayer, “quite down you! this is hardly a difficult endeavor; it doesn’t need to be so scary and complicated as you make it sound! I’m not going around the world after all, I’m merely meandering across the Gulf Stream I’ll practically be in my own back yard!” How lucky I am to be so close to a whole chain of beautiful islands. No need to cross an entire ocean, or sail for weeks on end to arrive in warm clear tropical waters with safe anchorages practically around every turn. So as all the little details and stresses of my final preparations do their best to try and drive me mad, I just remember the sayings and feelings of all cruisers who’ve come before me. This little jem is working exceptionally well at the moment.

 The lovely thing about cruising is that planning usually turns out to be of little use.
– Dom Degnon

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